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Big Slöjd #2: Soggy Barnacle Skateboard

This week Emmet and I chat about Emmet’s aching bones and short lived skateboarding career, why I don’t have fun when I works and enjoys being shit at things. Oh and also I chats a bit about pole lathe turning there towards the end.

So yeah, I wouldn’t say that I have fun, as such, when I work. I’m what you would call ‘classically mad’. I find a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction from doing the work, but in the moment? No so much. I rather enjoy being shit at things and observing as I gradually, through intent, purposeful work and compulsive repetition become less shit at things.

Once I’m ‘there’, once I reach the goals I once held so far fetched, things usually fizzle out. Sure, there are always another layer, but they get thinner and further in-between. Those beginner moments when revelation after revelation come washing over you in soaking waves soon dry to a gentle drizzle. I abhor stagnation, I need resistance and constant progress, I need to move, towards what I know not. But I certainly can’t stop for too long, who know what would catch me up.

Anywho, Emmet and I enjoy providing you with these little conversations, I hope you find them equally enjoyable, background noises and all.

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