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Big Slöjd #2: Soggy Barnacle Skateboard

This week Emmet and I chat about Emmet’s aching bones and short lived skateboarding career, why I don’t have fun when I works and enjoys being shit at things. Oh and also I chats a bit about pole lathe turning there towards the end.

Anywho, Emmet and I enjoy providing you with these little conversations, I hope you find them equally enjoyable, background noises and all.

Podcast is up on Spotify and Anchor. It’s coming to all the other popular platforms, Google Podcast, iTunes and so on. They’re just taking their sweet time.

Big Slöjd #1 – Checkin’ In

Back in 2018 Emmet and I talked about how we should and would start recording a podcast looking sort of thing about carving and, well, living and meaning I guess. So nothing too pretentious. Anyhow, here’s a first episode, to think it only took us two years and a plague to actually start.  

Audio is what it is, we just wanted to kick something out the door. We’re figuring out the best option to record remotely while not being sat in front of a microphone at a computer like total nerds.

Björn Svantesson – Den Oängsliga Skeden

Två slöjdare och en gnällande kökssoffa sitter på en dunkel vind i djupaste Galenskaparna-land och pratar görande, drivkraft, att lajva allmogeslöjdare och varför en ens håller på, det är ju bara skedar.

Härom veckan slank jag nämligen ner och störde Björn Svantesson i hans skedtäljande. Då jag lyckats lura honom att svänga förbi slöjdgalleriet på Kviberg i augusti tyckte jag det var på tiden att se vad fanken han håller på med egentligen.

Lyssna nedan eller sök efter Frodvuxet på Spotify eller var helst du lyssnar på Snackisar.

Verkstadssnackis with Barn The Spoon

The other week I bought a spoon from Barn and he tried to do me over on the shipping. I know the game, so I thought I’d might as well pop over to London and pick the spoon up instead. Seeing as I was already there Barn and I had a carve and a chat, some of which I recorded.

So here you have us two rambling on about Barn’s shop, smug old men and their lathes, our love for sharp chainsaws, and the most beautiful way to carve a spoon.